About Me


  • Christine has spoken/facilitates in over 44 conferences and events around the country. 
  • Training and development for over 20 years. 
  • HR professional for over 13 years.
  • Direct business management experience for over 12 years. 
  • Passionate about investing time and energy in a company's greatest resource - it's people. 
  • "Counselor" "adviser" "consultant"
  • Get hands-on, down and dirty with business strategies and project implementation. 
  • Combination of analytic thinking, knowledge of good practices, an empathetic ear, to quickly become the solid foundation of any business. 
  • Cutting edge with new, growing research, HR practices, human behavior, and upcoming trends.
  • settling workplace conflicts
  • problem-solving
  • navigating the nuances of human behavior
  • reviewing the behavior of individuals and groups to determine how to improve performance and productivity
  • employee relations issues
  • conducting employee surveys and focus groups
  • researching methods to identify problems and solutions
  • data-driven analysis (compensation analysis, SPSS, turnover ratio, etc.)
  • devising the best course of action for correction or change
  • utilizing coaching techniques to help plan out change and growth
  • advising on future training
  • consulting with managers and co-developing strategies for their employees
  • identifying workplace points of concern
  • working with management to adjust operational strategies
  • business acumen, financial savvy (A/P, A/R, P&L, income statements, budgeting, financial analysis)
  • Direct supervision, team lead, service-based leadership
  • High-pressure and multifaceted work; direct managerial experience.
  • Team management, project management/leadership, change management, and process development.
  • Trainer, training development, professional speaker.

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