"She exceeded my expectations!" 

"Her experience clear shows in everything she does." 

"There were several action items she provided that will become a routine part of my process."

"So many questions from the audience, they were obviously engaged."

"Wonderful Tips! I really enjoyed the STAR communication and POSITIVE feedback ideas you mentioned. Staying positive in a negative work environment is difficult and this is where I am at right now. However, with your tips I can thrive until I am able to choose and navigate my next move. Thank you!"

"Very good; entertaining, energetic" 

"Insightful clear message with examples.

"The session reinforced the knowledge I already have and makes me feel more confident in my management style.

“When I get emotional around a controversial topic, my instinct is to flee. The Navigating Tough Conversations workshop gave me the tools to stay calm and present in difficult conversations.”

"Very natural on stage. Great engagement!"

"Her interactive slide presentation was interesting and exciting."

"Yes, Christine is a fantastic speaker and did a wonderful job."

"Very informative and interesting!"

"The Navigating Tough Conversations workshop at the inaugural My Louisiana Summit was not only a huge hit with attendees, it was really foundational to the tone and purpose of the Summit. We sought to have honest, substantive conversations at our Summit and the workshop really primed a lot of our attendees for doing just that. If you're serious about having an open discourse about the issues that matter and aren't always easy, this workshop is a must-have/must-attend. Highly recommended."

"I learned more of what I needed to hear in this session than what I expected." 

"She was perfect!"

"Super knowledgeable, very easy on stage. Great examples!"

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